white ginseng

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                          Northeast China Changbai mountain specialty white radix ginseng


                          Basic information of white radix ginseng:

                          Product name: White radix ginseng

                          Brand: Girder

                          Species of ginseng: white ginseng/ radix ginseng

                          Import or not: No

                          Origin: Jilin

                          Seller-to-seller: Edible agricultural products

                          Net content: Planting specifications are uncertain

                          Type: Ginseng

                          Storage Method: Dry ventilation

                          Note: This product can not be used as a substitute for drugs.

                          Suitable crowd: Those who need to improve memory, those who need nutrient supplements, those who sleep poorly, those who are prone to fatigue, those with low immunity, middle-aged and elderly people

                          Unsuitable population: Infants, pregnant and lactating women, children

                          Valuation unit: G

                          Number: GS-13-3

                          Shelf life: 24 months

                          How to eat: Cooking

                          Net content: Planting specifications are uncertain

                          Details about white ginseng:

                          Efficacy and function of white radix ginseng

                          White ginseng is also a subgenus of Korean ginseng, which is processed from fresh ginseng. This kind of ginseng is very simple to make. It only needs to be dried naturally to achieve a yellowish tint.?

                          White radix ginseng, as a kind of high-quality ginseng, has attracted many people's attention for its efficacy and function.

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                          Function of white radix ginseng

                          1. The taste of white radix ginseng is bitter and sweet, and its temperament is cold. So taking white radix ginseng can effectively alleviate the dryness and heat in the body, and play the role of clearing fire and calming the mind.

                          2. If there is fire in the lungs, or if spermatorrhea is frequent, people can take more ginseng tea.?

                          This effect is able to play the role of resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis and strengthening the body.

                          3. White radix ginseng can supplement the tone very well. If it is used as a warm and nourishing herbal medicine, it can play the role of tonifying deficiency, strengthening the body and prolonging the life.

                          4. White radix ginseng is a kind of tonic product with sweet taste, slightly bitter and cold taste. It can nourish Qi and nourish yin. It is mainly used for the syndrome of deficiency of both qi and yin.

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                          How to eat white radix ginseng

                          1. Stewed clothes. The dried white radix ginseng can be cut into slices, and then the cut white radix ginseng is put in the stewed food. This will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the stew. It's very suitable for people who need to supplement their bodies.

                          2. Chewing. If in the ordinary life, feel bitter mouth or body fire is more exuberant. Can chew 2 pieces of white radix ginseng raw, so as to play a refreshing, cool and delicious. It's the simplest way to take it.

                          3. Grinding. If the taste of dry chewing oral is more difficult to accept, you can grind white ginseng into powder, then add a small amount of water, and then swallow daily. The dosage depends on the individual's physique, usually 1-1.5 grams each time.

                          4. Make tea. White radix ginseng can be cut into small pieces and then brewed in a tea cup. Usually brew for 5 minutes to drink.

                          Notices for white radix ginseng

                          1. While taking white radix ginseng, you can't eat cold vegetables such as radish, spinach, cabbage, because this will lead to diarrhea and difficult to absorb. Ultimately, it will affect our health.

                          2. If patients with hypertension, they can not eat white radix ginseng.

                          3. If white radix ginseng is used for pregnant women, it is better to stew for a short time. Because long time stewing will cause the nutrients of white radix ginseng to be destroyed.?

                          Generally, the best time to use white ginseng as stew is to keep about 40 minutes. Only in this way can the nutrition of ginseng be dissolved in soup.

                          4. If white radix ginseng is eaten, it will cause sores in the mouth and tongue and septicemia due to fire. It's better to stop using it immediately and then diagnose it. Because some people of physical fitness, or physical reasons, etc. are not suitable for eating white radix ginseng.

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